need help/care instructions....

emerald1951July 29, 2012

Hi, I just got this plant at home depot today...

I know what some may say should know how to care for a plant before you get it....well I was so surprised to find this that I am taking the chance....

need best advise for the care and upkeep of this pitcher plant what kind of soil, water, fertilizer,any and all tips...I live in it will have to winter over in the house come winter....any help, thank you all so much......linda

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If the weather outside is warm, I would advise it to soak up the good lighting and bugs. Inside fewer bugs, less light and less air circulation may lead to leaf discoloration, drying of the lower leaves and even pitcher tip browning.

Keep outdoors under a roof in the patio or under a tree ( best scenario) and water frequently. You might consider joining a forum devoted to nepenthes care. May I recommend Flora Nepenthaceae as it is a smaller forum and has many friendly folks that can help.

Otherwise grow like an orchid and bring indoors when weather starts to cool down too much.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nepenthaceae

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