Lowes selling fully grown Sarracenias in gallon pots

hunterkiller03(9)July 8, 2011

Last April I posted that Lowes were selling some carnivrous plants from Gubler Nursery, including what appeared to be S alabamensis ssp. wherryii, or known as S. rubra ssp. wherryii here in the Maricopa county area in Arizona.

Today I discovered again Lowes is selling Sarracenias in these one gallon pots. These plants are from Booman Floral from Vista California. Bomman Floral has sold more variety of carnivorous plants then anyother nursery. Often in these small 3 inch or 4 inch pots inside clear plastic socks; with funny labels like octopus plant, starfsih plant and comical drawings of cp with fangs.

This time Booman Floral is selling Sarracenia, like I said in these black gallon pots, of different species. About 4 to five species of Sarracenias on each pot. The plants I have identified are S. flava cut throat, heavy veined, and copper top. Also S. rubras from gulfensis, S. rubra, S. minor, S. alata, and their trademark complex hybrid S. 'cobra nest'.

Bur what caught my attention and if my eyes are playing tricks on me. What clearly looks like to be S. oreophila and another S alabamensis family. And this one really looks like S alabamensis ssp alabamensis! It has to be because I had both. S. oreophila, which I lost last year by that rat infestation and S alabamensis, which was damaged by that same rat infestation and is recovering, albeit a smaller plant.

I don't know if Booman Floral have ship these collection of Sarracenias in other state beside Arizona, but I know they ship in California, Nevada, and sometime in N. Mexico so this is your chance to check it out and see for yourself. Like I said this are gallon pots with about 4 to five different species of Sarracenias, each costing $15. Pretty cheap in my opinion considering what they have. A quick way to build your collection.

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Aaaawwww, my lowes isn't selling those right now. :-(

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