Would a Venus Trap Enjoy a Juicy Caterpillar?

LA_SunshineJuly 25, 2013

...or not? I've been picking them off my tomato and strawberry plants. Some are tiny babies, small enough to fit into a trap.

My dumb question is - would a caterpillar eat its way out of a trap?

I also have a hungry sundew that likes to dine on fruit flies. Would a small caterpillar be too much for it too?

I saw the sundew catch a big house fly the other day, but, after some struggling, the fly got away. Maybe next year, when the plant is bigger and stronger...

Thank you!

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Try it and see what happens, at the worst you would lose a trap if it does eat through,or cut the head off then feed the trap a yummy treat.

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So, I couldn't find a caterpillar small enough for the Venus trap (I did a good job picking them off), but I found a bigger one that I tried to feed to the sundew.

At first, it looked like the plant won. However, by morning, the caterpillar was nowhere to be found. The sundew looked undamaged, so it's a total mystery.

I bet it's gathering an army and plotting a revenge. I better be careful around my tomato plant...

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Hi sunshine,well i guess they win some and they lose some ;-) I have noticed my sundews only catch the smallest of creepy crawlers.put a few pitchers nearby they wont escape those.

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Ken, I don't have any pitchers right now, but it sounds like a cool plant to add to my collection soon :)

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oh yes, and there is a pretty wide variety to pick from.

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