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morhavocJuly 20, 2006

I have a VFT and Sarracenia (I don't know the species, I bought them at a hardware store and didn't record the type) and have been keeping them inside for fear of cats. I ordered some items off of your website (I was very pleased by the way, thank you) and a hanging pot was one of them. I think it may be too late for the fly trap, unfortunately. It looks pretty bad, here's a link to a picture of the pot:


Several concerns:

1) What kind of temperatures can they stand? I live in zone 7 (middle of Oklahoma), and it's over 100 degrees outside right now. I moved the pot out in the sun, hanging them on the edge of a west-facing roofed patio, only to find them moved back in the shade by my parents who say that the heat and light would "cook them."

2) When I repotted it, I was alarmed at the fact that I didn't see that many roots. There was a stringy dark thing or two, but that's it. Is the plant a lost cause?

3) If it can survive, what do I need to do to help it transition to the heat outside? I'm aware that most of the leaves will burn when becoming accustomed to the light, is there anything I need to be doing to help it while it grows new ones?

4) If you can't tell from the picture, most of the leaves are very thin, many of the traps are dying or non-functioning, and there's not that red tint they're supposed to have in their traps. This can all be fixed with proper lighting, right?

5) Last one, I promise. The sarracenia and VFT can be put into hibernation together, right?

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Hi Morhavoc. The picture didn't come out because a formatting issue. It doesn't work with just copy & paste. I tried doing a Photobucket search with your name, but it required a password. Then I tried punching 'pitcher plant' to see if you have it worded that way in your album, but it wasn't among those listed. So I just pasted one of my pictures to the message box and them deleted my string and substituted yours. That worked. To post a picture on Garden Web, you can either C & P the lin kto the Optional Link URL and then we can click on it, or better yet, click on the the 'Tag' option for a given picture and THEN right click to copy and THEN paste it to the message box. Had to have a teenager and one computer literate baby-boomer to help me with that! Anyhoo, your picture will appear below:

Oklahoma you say? 100 degrees? Yiiiccchhh! VFT's & Sarracenias do best when outside and yes, they have the same dormancy requirements. I like the use of a hanging basket, becasue I do that or buckets with holes in them. When late fall arrives and it is too cold for them, I just tote them all up to the cold (but not frigid) attic, by the SW window and let them continue along in their dormancy period. When late winter comes, the increasing photoperiod and slightly warming temps allow them to wake up naturally. A month later, they can go outside again.

To best acclimate to the outdoors and direct sun, put them in the shade for a couple weeks and gradually move them closer to the direct sun. Keep them well-watered with storebought ditsilled water or you can collect rainwater in plastic trash barrels.

No plant is a lost cause as long as it has green. It is weak and in shock. They just need water, stability, and direct sun (but shade for now) and they should perk up - in a few weeks.

Here's a less than flattering look at my outside setup, from a couple months ago:

Keep asking questions!

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if the vft seeds you buy r 1 year old would somming hapen??
the older the seeds get the less chance of the vft to grow y or n (yes or no)?????

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VFT seeds, I have read, need to be sown as soon as possible. So year old seeds are likely to not sprout. but it's always worth a try.

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