Dying tips on White Capped Pitchers

spence_pitcherJuly 13, 2008

I am new to CP and I have several White Capped Pitchers .

The very end of the leaf dies ( what will become the hood)

before the leaf opens up. What do I need to look for?

I have pictures but I am stumped on how to attach them to this message. I will be glad to email the pictures to any replies.

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What soil mix do you use? Water kind of water are you using? How much Sunlight? We need more info!

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The soil is from a bog where I got my sundews
The pitchers are in direct sunlight on my pool deck
The parrot pitcher and the sundews in the same pot are growing like weeds. I have the plants in a clay pot that that is about 6 inches deep and standing in 1.5 inches of water. All water is added to the base not the plants unless it rains.
The water is tap water that has set out for several days and right now a lot of plan rain water from our Florida thunderstorms.
About every other pitcher seems to have the problem

What do you think?

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You know, I have some pitcher plants that are white at the top and they have been doing the same thing for several weeks now, drying up from the top down. Perhaps it's just a seasonal thing for that species or hybrid or whatever it is. I have three other pitcher plants that seem to be doing fine, including an S.purpurea that is really flourishing now.

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Stop using tap water, leaving it out a few days really doesn't help. There are STILL other minerals, etc. in that water that will harm or kill the plants.

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Thanks for the help
I found the problem
Wind drift from my sprinklers which is well water with a high salt content was hitting my pithers

I moved them in a safer spot and all of the pithcers are doing well now.

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