over-watered gasteraloe

Desert_RosinJune 14, 2012

Hi all -

I recently got a gasteraloe plant (cross between gasteria and aloe) and I am worried I have over-watered it! The leaves are heavy and sagging and I would almost describe them as juicy. When I got the plant they appeared dry (brown around the edges) and very stiff. I repotted the plant because I bought it in a plastic pot, and I put it into a clay pot with cactus soil (miracle grow), and gave it what I consider a normal amount of water for aloe. I have another, older aloe plant that I have yet to kill!... but maybe the gasteraloe needs a lot less water?

I don't know if I can save this plant! from what I have read I think, if I have indeed over-watered it.. I may need to repot it again to avoid root rot (if it is not too late!)

In this image - the top left is the plant when I first got it after the first watering. The other two images are the plant today.

I also posted this cry for help on the household plants forum - but then came across this one, and after reading some of the other posts, decided I would potentially get more responses here...

I am starting to think that the way I have it planted might not be ideal, even though my older aloe plant has been doing just fine (layer of gravel on the bottom, and miracle grow cactus soil on top)... guessing I need to repot and mix in perlite and lose the gravel??

please help!

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Hi Desert Rosin,

Unpot, remove all the soil from roots.
Cut roots if they are brown mushy,foul smelling. Sprinkle w/cinnamon and let it dry for couple days.
When roots callused,repot in a gritty mix(do some reading on this forum Al's gritty mix) or if you can't get all the ingredients mix cactus soil with perlite at least 50%.

Please do not water several days and let roots adjust to a mix. It is succulent and can leave without water for weeks, sometimes month.

No gravel on a bottom!!!

place it outside but introduce slowly to prevent sunburn
Hope this helps


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Sorry, but when i looked closer I think it's goner, but you may still try. Just keep all this info in mind next time you decide to repot

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Thank you for the response!

I live in connecticut and it isnt that warm outside... between 60-70F... should i let it dry out inside on a towel or outside in the shade?

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you think it's a goner? :( why do you say that?

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Im in NY, same weather, all my sux outside since April-May. its fine. But if you want to be extra cautious keep it at home away from direct sunlight. Put it on newspaper. Don't forget to cut all rotten roots. Rot spreads very quickly. But again as I look it seems rotten. i hope i'm wrong

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i think its goner because leaves look dark,heavy. Rosette is not erect like in a first picture. i've seen too many rotten plants(mine and someone else) :((( Don't be upset, try w/this one and if it doesn't work out buy a new one and start experimenting. meanwhile this forum is awesome. You can read A LOT and learn A LOT. Always ask questions and someone will come to the rescue.


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Another thing - try not to use MG soil. It contains peat which is the main cause of all rotten succulents. Its water retentive.

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even their cactus soil? is it better just use organic soil and mix it with the perlite 50/50? I have only had this plant for about 2 weeks and only noticed it looking like this for the past few days... I hope I can save it! Thanks for the advice.

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Like Inna said, if you use MG cactus mix add at least 50% perlite. Coarse is best. I've used MG for years without any problems with rotting succulents but I have a tendency to under- instead of over-water. Fafard is another option for a well-draining, ready-to-use-from-the-bag medium.

Hope your gasteraloe makes it.


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Also, should I remove the leaves that all wet and wilty or just let the plant dry out and see what happens? Thanks so much for all the advice.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry I'm late to the thread, I just answered your other post of this at HP. As I said there, I missed the use of the word 'juicy'. That usually means mushy & if so, that's rot, & means the plant is goner indeed, so sorry.

It appears that's why it has collapsed, 'cause it has softened into mush. (Could be the mix also has some wetting agent which MG sometimes contains which would keep the mix wet, which one would not want for a succulent.)

I suspect if you try & remove some leaves it'll just fall apart in your hands. :

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