Dormant carnivorous plants help?

carnivore674(9)July 19, 2012

Last saterday I was at Lowes and I saw a 'Bug Biting Plants terrarium set' and I've had a little experience with a venus fly trap before so I decided to get one. It was in this plastic container with the care sheet blocking everything from view and I couldn't tell if the plants were even alive, but I gave it a shot. So I buy the thing and go home and open it and it had all the basics for growing with a "dormant" pitcher plat and venus fly trap. The pitcher plant had already started growing in the air tight bag and the fly trap had something wide and white coming out of it (you can't really see it in the picture). I couldn't tell what it was, so I let it half stick out of the dirt in so I wouldn't do major damage if I completely buried a leaf or dug up a root. But as I started to read the directions, I realized that I got ripped off. The directions didn't apply to the container I got. So I pretty much applied the directions as well as I could to the stuff I was stuck with. I have them sitting on a west facing window that gets about 2 and a half hours of direct sunlight a day with pretty bright light the rest of the day, and I do plan to replant them once they "take off". Oh, and the humidity in there is about 80% most of the time. Has anyone gone out on a limb like this or bought this specific kind of terrarium? How did it work out for you? I've never grown carnivorous plants this way before and am wondering if I'm doing something wrong. And how fast should I expect them to grow? Any help would be appreciated at this point because I'm not sure what I've gotten myself in to, so thanks:)

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Looks pretty pathetic. Acclimate it slowly to full Sun and see what happens. Use rain or distilled water only. It should go outside. I am not a fan of Sarracenias and VFTs in terrariums.

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Yeah, I only used rain water on it. But when acclimating it, do I have to pay attention to temperature, or just humidity and sunlight? Like can I move it from about 70 degrees of my house to the 90+ degrees outside in one day with no effect on the plant? Or will it put it into shock?

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Move it into a little Sun at a time over a few weeks. An hour for a few days, then 2, then....

Get it used to full Sun.

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