Creeping blueberry vine

SaucyFossy(Sunset17)September 18, 2005

Someone gave me some starts of this very cool vine they had all over their garden, they called it creeping blueberry but I would like to know its real name so I can take good care of it (though, it looks foolproof so far).

It is a vine with leaves that look like small grapeleaves and clusters of berries (also kinda grapelike, but small) that turn colors from pink to red to blue to fushcia to, I am not kidding, perfect turquoise in the fall. Pretty wild looking!!

Thanks for your help.

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Sounds like porcelain berry, Ampelopsis brevipedunculata. It's a rampant grower, and needs a big support, like a chain link fence. It spreads rapidly by seeds. It likes part to full sun, and needs watering during the summer. I've never grown it in California, but it's trying to take over my garden in Portland, OR.

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Glad I asked - it is porclain berry, and its invasiveness looks like a real problem. I planted it in a bed surrounded by concrete and fences, so I am pretty sure that is the best place for it. Too bad it is a pest, it is so pretty.

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OK. I found these great-looking berries on humongous (30'on trees) vines when out on the Folsom bike trail. It looks like this porcelain berry except all the photos I could fine of that showed shiny leaves. This is very similar, but soft and nearly velvety, not shiny at all. Berries tasted (tasted and spit out of course) pretty much like blueberies. I saved a bunch but am afraid to eat them....any ideas?

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