Whats the Difference? Do You Know?

Kennith(10b CA)August 23, 2008

I just received a Nepenthes Velvet and a Nepenthes Miranda this week(both very large/beautiful)from two different vendors on Ebay. Are they both the same plants??? They look so much alike and silimar to an "eye of a novice." Have I been bamboozled?

With Most respects,


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hiddenjungle(zone 6, NY)

I only own a young miranda but the difference i would think is the hybrid, do you have pics of both plants?

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hiddenjungle(zone 6, NY)

N. Miranda Hybrid is:
Nepenthes maxima x (maxima x northiana).

The N. Velvet hybrid is:
N. fusca x maxima

Sorry this is separate had to leave for a little while so i couldn't look up the hybrids, hope this helps, both plants do look similar

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Kennith(10b CA)

Thank you very much, I was puzzled till you came along,


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