swarminaFebruary 23, 2009

I have kept these out on my cold porch in a protected place. Any chance planting them in the dirt now would be successful at all? Thanks!

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

I personally don't think so but what do you have to loose since you have them? The plants really need the cool weather in the ground to establish their root systems so that they bloom this year. The latest I have ever attempted to plant daffodil bulbs and gotten flowers was in late December/early January.

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I had a friend who "forgot" to plant her bulbs until about this time. They had been in an unheated garage. They came up in late spring and did fine. As Nck said, "What have you got to lose?"

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Same here. I've planted them late before and if the bulbs are in fair shape they should somewhat come up later in the spring. They may not flower as prolific but they will once the next spring comes, they need the winter to store energy to grow. Lyle

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I did a similar thing this year. I picked up tulip, paperwhite, croqus, hycinth, and Dutch Iris and put them in the bottom of my fridge in my weight room and forgot about them. Until about 3 weeks ago. Then I pulled them out and did some clay pots and put them in my greenhouse. It looks like all of them are sprouting that I planted. I'm going to till an area at one of my trees and chunk them in the ground this week. If they just come up this year and come back next with blooms, I'll be happy!!

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jitterbug4756(zone 8)

I've planted daffodils & tulips late like this. I live in South Carolina.They came up way later than their counterparts, but still bloomed.Tulips are mainly treated as annuals in my area, cos we don't get the cold they need in winter to rebloom next year,so once they're done, I pull them out. But daffodils keep going like the enigizer bunny.And since you have them already, why not try. Good luck

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Thanks everyone! I put them in just before the snow, so I hope they take off!

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