Sick DragonFruit

cyclonenatJune 29, 2012

Hi everyone can you tell me what is wrong or what to do with them to bring them back?

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The bottom looks rotted. If it is not sound, cut it where the flesh is still green. Allow it to callous. Likely nothing will happen until spring. When you plant it, do not water. No roots, no water. Keep it in bright but not direct light. Once roots grow, resume watering. This plant has been kept in light too dim.

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thanks for the help as its winter here it will have to wait a bit to root again thanks, hopefully i can get it right next winter, are they easy to root?

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They are too easy to root. All they ask for is bright light and warm temps. The aeroles also put out copious amounts of roots.

This is a pic of the one here. As you can see, roots erupt from everywhere, and it is rooting for support, etc. into the ceiling. The round shape is because there is little light up there, but it continues to search for the sun.

One important component of care for jungle cacti is air movement. Without some kind of fan running, air in a normal home is quite still. This promotes fungal infections. So along with warm moist conditions, I put air movement as important as water, etc.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Your soil looks like it has a lot of clay in it. I would lighten it up with lots of humous, wood chips perlite. It needs drainage

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

The soil does look like mud - from the backyard.
That right there is most likely why it is in such awful shape now. I'd say it's a goner,
but you can always try. I recommend a fast-draining mix of conifer bark - not woodchips -
perlite, and some sort of other grit (turface, pumice, scoria, et cetera).


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