1 year old sarrs. picture please

carnivoorAugust 25, 2008

I have some seedlings that came up this year. Can anyone post a picture from a sarr. seedling that is 1 year old so I know what mine should look like next year.

If you do post one can you also mention if you kept it growing during the winter or had them in hibernation.


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I see that no one has replied to this post.

The sarracenia seedlings one year old will look a lot it did the previous year. It may take up to 5 years depending the species to develope their respective traps of their species.

Small plants like S. purpurea, rubra, & psittacina may develop their adult leaves about 2 to 3 years. Large plants like flava & Leucophylla will take up to 5 years.

So you wont see much change other then its growing bigger leaves for a few more years.

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Thanks, I knew they wouldn't grow big over night ,but still, 5 years is a long time.

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Sorry that no one answered your post. But yes, depending what type of Sarracenia, it will take mimum for purpurea, rubras, & psittacinas 2 to 3 years. Flavas, Leucophyllas, alatas may take 4 to 5 years.

Look it this way, its will be a learing experience & you knwo what to expect. you should start seeng develop leaves of ther respective species sooner but full mature leaves takes a little longer.

My first sarracenias I aquired by seed before they were destroyed by vandals in 2005. But it was a learning experience for me.

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Right now most of the seedlings look the same to me (they are now 6 months old), the only ones that look different are the seedlings that have some purpurea in them. For a while I thought I would be able to pick out the flavas(they were a pale green) but then after a couple of days of full sun ,they now have a redish colour like so many other seedlings. I'm glad now I put a little tag in my pot with the flavas.

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These aren't a year old but only a few months:

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Thanks for the pictures, don't they look cute when they are so young? I do wonder how people get so many seedlings from their seeds. From my 20 or so flava seeds only 3 germinated and from my 30 or so mixed deeds only 5 came up.
As far as I know I did everything right but I bought them pretty late so they might have not been too fresh anymore. For the moment I have more seeds in the fridge and stratification will soon be over. Let's hope they do better.

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A thought: Are they just being kept cold (storage) or are they also wet (stratified)?

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They were kept cold and wet, but I kept them in the door of the fridge and think maybe they "warmed up" too much when the door opened.
The ones that are almost ready for sowing now I've kept in the back of the fridge ,I'll see if it changes anything.

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I don't think it makes any difference. I keep stratifying seeds in the butter keeper (fridge door) and don't have issues with germination that I can perceive.

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Carnivoor, here's some pics that I hope will help. All are Sarrencia purpurea.
These are some 8 month old seedlings, started in March of this year and grown under fluorescent lights only. I use a penny for scale. Somewhere on this forum is a thread about stimulating the growth of Sarrencia by transplanting -- these plants were transplanted a little over a month ago, and you can see the increase in pitcher size in the pitchers that have formed since then.

A bit closer:

Here's some other purpureas that were started from seed in 2005 -- this picture was taken in 2007 when they were two years old. The two plants in the photo are both the same age, some just seem to grow faster than others.

Here are those plants today, now 3 years old. They look a bit ratty because the terrarium they were in broke when I brought them indoors in early October, so I had to do a hasty transplanting just as I put them into winter dormancy. Anyhow, they don't look a whole lot bigger than last year to me, and there is still quite a size difference between plants of the same age. That's probably related to the fact that my winter dormancy is just in a cool basement window, so that might be tough on them. Penny in the photo for scale.

Here's a closer up of some of the smaller plants:

And here's a larger plant a closer up:

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Thanks for the pictures don,looks like my seedlings are growing all right.They're a bit smaller then the ones in your 8 month picture but they are a bit younger so that's OK. They have been throwing out new pitchers so I didn't transplant them, I decided I'll try that should they stop growing (under lights). Since they come from a batch of mixed seeds it's hard to tell what they will do next. You can tell when a seedling has purpurea parentage but it's impossible to tell if it's pure or a hybrid.

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