Brugs and Potpourri Pix

threas(z7 PA)August 25, 2010

Suaveleons pink- this plant is my biggest!

Tropical Garden

Melon Kisses X L'Amour seedling from Karyn finally bloomed!

Pretty big and a six pointer!

Broadmite damage and leaves stripped and treated with food grade DE


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The pinks look great. I'm glad that someone finally got a bloom from that cross. Too bad it was white but it's a big one! I lost mine last year. What is the variegated plant, 1st on the bottom row? My corkscrew vine is just now getting buds. I'd forgotten that I planted it in the yard and it hasn't been watered at all. I'm kind of surprised that it's still alive.

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Wow your tropical garden is very nice.
I'm with Karyn....I wanna know what that variegated plant in the bottom row is.

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threas(z7 PA)

Thank you Karyn & Shawn! The plant is Abutilon x hybridum 'Savitzii'.
Karyn, I wouldn't mind if that seedling stayed white, I have no white ones and I love the whites! :)
Shawn, I am very happy with my little tropical garden. It filled in nicely. It's hard to believe it was bare in April!


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Everything looks fantastic Theresa! That first brug just keeps rewarding you with lots of blooms, and the cross white one is very pretty!

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Everything looks awesome Theresa! Is that a shell vine? Is it easy to grow- mayby a perennial? Is it fragrant? I'll have to find one! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely flowers!

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Threas - You must be pleased with yourself! They look fabulous!

In your potpouri mix, the third picture. I swear I thought you took that picture for what looks like a bird. On closer inspection, it looks like a very tired or sickly baby prehistic bird! I can't get over how much it looks like one. Is that the corkscrew plant Karyn was referring to?


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threas(z7 PA)

Thank you everyone! The brug cross turned peach, very pretty. I knocked the bloom off trying to smell and look at the inside. The corkscrew vine is vigna caracalla. It is a tropical vine, smells really good! I'm going to try to root some, if I do, I'll share.

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Theresa, I am so jealous. I have had a vigna caracalla from seeds Edna sent a couple of years ago. It sprouted and grew right away, and even now it's climbed up another plant, but still no flowers! It is under my grapefruit tree so maybe the shade is too much, not sure.

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