pitcher plants in water garden

slippersleuth(z6 PA)August 15, 2006

Last year I tried one pitcher plant in my water garden, it was S. "scarlet belle". It thrived all summer, made it thru the winter and bloomed this spring. Encouraged, I bought more pitcher plants, S. Judith Hindle and I forget some of the the other names, and made a bog area with a spaghnum, sand peat mix in a plastic netted basket lined with landscaping fabric. The crown of the plants sit about an inch above the water, but the basket itself is submersed in the pond. In the winter I use a stock heater that keeps the water slightly above freezing, last year I lowered the pot the pit. plant was in so it was in deeper water and would not freeze as I am unsure of the hardiness zone. Do you think I should leave all the plants in the water garden or try to over winter them in the garage, I am not sure how hardy all the plants are, there is a mixture. Thanks!

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Where in PA are you? The reason why I ask is because PA is climatically diverse. I mean, Coudersport is very cold in the winter, while Philly is significantly warmer. I used to live in Wyomissing, which is near Reading, which is NW of Philly and I have a friend who has an outdoor bog in his from lawn. His plants are out there all year long. He may mulch it for the winter, but I'm not sure. I can find out, though. The key to keeping plants through the winter, if kept outside, is to heavily mulch them. Otherwise, you can do as I have been doing - buckets of min-bogs. When Late fall hits and the temps are consistently going to be below freezing, I just tote the buckets to the attic and place them at the SW window sill. The attic is cold, but not frigid and the sunlight keeps them asleep. When late February comes around and the photoperiod has increased enough, the plants wake up naturally. By April, I tote them back outside.

Might you have an S. purpurea?

or a 'Dixie LAce'?

or any leucophylla?

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