Nep Ventrata and VFT questions... Oh yeah and Name that plant

jonocrossAugust 25, 2006

Ok first off my nep question. I got this thing a few months ago and it had basically 1.5 inch pitchers. The first pitcher it made after that (off the first leaf it opened) became 3+ inches... LOL is that normal? Any ideas how that happened? Here's the pics of the plant.

Here's the plant, early on in the growth of that first pitcher. I was starting to get excited when I saw that new pitcher (the one on the front) was already a little bigger than the others. It kept on growing for a few more weeks and eventually became this...

It actually has two pitcher that size now and a third starting out.

Ok, More Neps before I move on the VFT. What is this?

I can't say what company it came from only that I got it from a local nursery and they had gotten it from their distributor so I have no idea what it is but would love to know what to call it.

Ok, VFT question... How big to the flower stalks get. Mine started shooting up a flower stalk a couple weeks ago and because the plant is healthy and I was curious this once I decided to let it grow... now its taller than my aquarium and I'm afraid I'm gonna burn it on my grow lights.

The thing next to it are sea monkeys... I'm a man of many hobbies LOL.


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shic_2006(4a 5a)

What are sea monkeys? Are they fish, shrimp, etc?

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That first Nep of yours seems to be a N. ventricosa, while I'm not so sure on the second Nep. It may be wise to wait until it matures a bit more before trying to fully identify it.

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Sea monkeys are brine shrimp.

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i disagree that the first pic is a ventricosa. The leaves of ventricosa are more lanceolate. Also, the pitchers aren't bulbous enough, the coloration is a tad bit off, and the peristome isn't ventricosa-ish enough.

As to the second pic, you're going to have to wait for a while before even taking a guess at what it is, and even then, it'll be just that...a guess.

VFT flower stalks can get pretty long. I've seen some that were about 1ft on plants that looked closer to the ground and smaller than yours.

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Nice nepenthes' all of them.

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Thanks for the imput and thank you xymox for the compliment. Just an update, the fly trap has finally flowered and started to grow a second flower stalk (which I cut off... the point of letting the first one grow was to see it grow just once, I'm not after seed)

Oh and speaking of sea monkeys, they make these cute little sea monkey habitats now. I'm sure they've got some on ebay or something to look at if anyone is just dieing to try them or anything LOL.

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