Looking for a good this zones publication?

rosebacopa2(4MN)February 16, 2013

I am looking for a magazine that would focus on plants, etc. for this zone.

Also I am looking for an extension publication or web emailing site that would perhaps provide monthly gardening info for growing in and near Raleigh??

Is there a book that would focus on Raleigh area perennial, tres, vegetables, annuals, shrubs, etc..

Thanks so much!

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Excellent question! Have no answer but I have the same curiosity.

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Time to put your search engine to work. Answers are right at your finger tips...
1. Search for the magazine CAROLINA GARDENING. Worth the subscription price. Order it today.
2. Search for...gardening blogs north carolina. Some good ones available. Read them daily.
3. Search for...gardening books north carolina. This will lead you to the best and most informative.

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Thanks for the info.. I'll look into all!

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When I lived in Minnesota the University of Minnesota had alot of information available to us gardeners..
Such as the monthly Yard and Garden postings on line..
The !immesota Horticulture Society published a magazine called the Northern Garener, it's articles are all written by local garden experts.

I am hoping to find similar "publications" for North Carolina...
However these suggestions Are helpful..

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Extension in NC is very active. I put the generic website below, but our county has its own FB page and lots of local activities. I am sure Wake does, too. (Raleigh)

Also, there are publications galore. Most are on line now, but you can still find some in print. The Master Gardener program has many items on line, too. You can get Successfulgardener.org and put in Piedmont for Raleigh.

Tons of things for you on the internet. Don't know how many items are mailed anymore, due to cost factors.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: NC Extension

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Thanks ncrescue

Very helpful..

I am specifically looking for a good basics gardening book to give to a friend who is just starting to garden in the Raleig area.
At this point I'm not sure how in depth of a book I want for her..
It would also need to have nice photos for plant identification (and to generate enthusiasm ) of course..

Any thought out there?.

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