Unusual encounter w/ Summer Azure

surya55_gwOctober 15, 2013

So today I was at a park where I saw a Summer Azure. I took a few shots then it landed in the middle of the road and was nectaring on the asphalt. My heart was in my throat since he nearly got run over and still won't move at all! (LOL you should see the looks I got from the drivers.) I gently picked him up and placed him on the grass where he promptly flew back on the asphalt. I again rescued him from certain death, gave him a "talking to" and put him on the grass. He finally flew up on a tree and stayed there. What would make a butterfly endanger his life this way? Isn't it strange? I think they get minerals I believe? Thx, Nerry

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Here's the one where he landed on a tree...more like a leaf since he's so tiny...

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Yes, minerals. Of course in that case it is not referred to as nectaring, but rather probing or feeding.

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Ah- so that's what he was up to. Will use the right word next time:) Thx Larry.

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