Neem oil killing fungus

mutant_hybrid(8)August 4, 2007

Here are some photos withint the last 48 hours of a bad fungus problem sprayed with a couple light spritzes of neem oil.

Initial fungus growth showing fibrous mycelia and hundreds of fruiting bodies along with larger, yellow growth bodies. Note how healthy and yellow the larger strucures are.

This photo was taken about a day later. Note how the fruiting bodies have been almost completely destroyed in the swath of soil sprayed as compared to the still living fruiting bodies on the periphery of the treated area. Also note the yellow structures have reduced in size and look shriveled compared to the previous photo.

This photo was just taken about 48 hours after initial treatment. Note how the fungus still has not grown back in the treated area and the yellow growths continue suffering debilitation.

This was only one treatment of neem oil sprayed lightly on one rectangular section of soil.

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This is the last pic of the progression. Less than three days later, this is a thoroughly dead fungus from what I can tell. Who says Neem oil does not kill fungus?

I think I will keep using Neem oil for my fungus destruction needs. This was just a couple of light sprays over just a small section of a very badly infected bag of soil just once less than three days ago. As you can see, the fungus is still alive around the treated area and probably wondering if they are next. Muahaha!

Have fun killing off those pesky fungus infections on your carnivorous plants.

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Thanks for the advice.

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