help with bulbs/lilies? why won't they DIE?

cottagecindySeptember 29, 2012

ok, here's the deal. I pulled out all old plants, (there were not many) at one end of the small area (it's 2' deep along driveway/house on the north side) I yanked lily looking plant (no flower tho) and lots of them. some can up with a huge bulb like garlic one, others a small round bulb like an onion. I even took out lots 9f dirt and replaced it with better soil. I then put gypsum in soil, it was clay. then planted camellias, and azaleas and then put bark under them. now I'm constantly (like every other day!!) pulling the thin green tops poking out ( I dig out down to the bulb if I can (some break off and I can't FIND the bottom grr)

anyone have this issue? what is going to keep these pests from returning? should I have put down fabric blocker????

Losing my mind.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

You have a picture of the foliage? How deep down did you dig? Sounds like the bulb-like things were deeper than you expected.

Fabric blocker is not useful in garden beds. Weeds simply grow on top of the fabric. Where it IS useful is under gravel paths, in order to keep the gravel and soil separate.

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I can take a pic of the next one I pull, which I'm sure is there now, but it sounds like each time i see one I'll just dig it up, making sure i get the bulb. But will it "spread" or stay contained in the bulbs that I yank/dig up ? I know the wild iris -the ones with purple orange top are everywhere and impossible to kill. but hopefully I can keep these under control. :[ (I had to dig out a 5' long by 4' deep to get agave out--even a piece would restart a plant. now THAT was a nightmare!)
I do remember them when I moved in, no flowers at all. Bright green. stood about 1 foot tall.
and obviously you are right about the fabric blocker. these things are coming up under the bark, and on north side of house, so I guess the buggers don;t even need sun to rise from the deep. (I'm sure they are a beautiful plant, just NOT in my azaleas and camellias )

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