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hiddenjungle(zone 6, NY)August 16, 2008

Hey everyone i wanted to see all your plants and would like to share a few of mine, please post pics of any of your carnivorous plants, sundew, nepenthes, sarracenia, etc... I will get mine posted either today or tomorrow

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See the gallery for mine.

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I'll provide a link to my account.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jimscott's Plants

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hiddenjungle(zone 6, NY)

Heres some of mine, sorry the pics aren't the best took these pretty fast, thanks for posting your pics, to everyone else keep posting
Sarracenia Judith Hindle

S. Flava, yellow trumpet typical form

S. doodle bug

S. Scarlet belle

S. Dainas Delight

S. alata typical form

S. minor

S. rubra ssp. rubra

S. alatamin (S alata x minor)

S. alata texas form not pictured
VFT Dente

VFT Typical form

Nepenthes Reinwardtiana

N. Sanguinea 'orange'

N. Truncatas

My larger Truncata

Pitcher of the larger plant

New pitcher forming il get a pic, about 5-7 inches tall
Heres all of them my N. lowii, and N. singalana were to small to picture there the small 2 in the middle

Also not pictured, pinguicula moranensis, P. agnata, VFT red form, Drosera capensis, D.adelae, il try to get pics of them tomorrow, hope you like them

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