One-time traps

carnivorousplantsAugust 21, 2007

My venus flytrap that I've had for about a month is very healthy and has lots of traps but each time it catches a fly, it easily digests it then opens up but the cilia (teeth) are curved back.It only digests once then dosen't close again.

However,when I trigger a trap with a toothpick it opens up and is ready to close again.All leaves have this trait, even newly opened leaves that just caught a bug do this.

Before I bought it I read the care sheet at cobra plants and did everything it said so I know I'm not doing anything wrong.

Also, It was bought at wal-mart.



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Where is the plant? Indoors or outdoors?
What kind of water do you use?

That sometimes happens with traps if the prey was too big I find. I don't think yu should worry too much about it.


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I woudln't trigger the traps. They have a limited amount of times they will spring.

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Also, each Flytrap will have it's own quirks. So long as it is getting everything it needs and is still growing and doing it's thing, it is healthy.

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I don't trigger them a lot.
Just occasionaly.

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It's most likely that the fly was too big for the trap. If they eat small prey, then can eat several times. Here's a pic of a trap that has eaten and is ready for another meal. If the trap was much smaller, or the fly much bigger, it could only eat once.

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