What to do about snail eggs?

amyflora(7 NC)February 9, 2009

Hi all! I was poking around in the bowl where I have my lotus outside, and on the underside of a dead leaf, I have what appear to be snail eggs. The snails did some damage last year, and I would like to do something about them before they get too much of a foot hold (haha). Any pointers?

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Buy a duck?

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Could they be frog eggs? I'd be careful to be sure before killing them.

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Don't know for sure what snail eggs look like but I do have advice for what to do if you get overrun with snails and slugs this season. There is a product that works wonderfully well, is non-toxic, degrades into the soil, won't stain concrete, and can be purchased at Lowes/ HomeDepot/ -Marts and also on-line. There are two companies that sell this iron phosphate mixed with attractants. The product names are Escar-go and Slugg-o. I have seen other brand names with a similar formula, but the 1% iron phosphate is what does the trick so check the ingredients list.

Nancy the nancedar

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amyflora(7 NC)

I researched the difference between frog eggs and snail eggs, and unfortunately, these look like the snail eggs. I wonder if the Escar-go product could be used in water. Seems doubtful. Would love to get a duck, but downtown Sanford just is not the ideal spot for one. :)

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Amy you've probably got different types of snails in your pond so there probably isn't a one time - one application type of cure. I would turn over as many leaves as you can and scrape off any eggs you find into a jar or bucket and then dispose of them in the compost pile away from the water. I would also go down to the bait shop and get a crayfish or two or better yet a larval salamander. If you can't find a bait shop try Pets Mart, they often get stray crawfish in with their feeder goldfish order and will usually give them away for free (mine does). Mature salamanders or newts love to eat snails but they also want to wander off. You might be able to talk them into sticking around if you have enough snails to keep them well fed. Of course you could then run into a problem where you are buying snails to feed the salamanders you originally bought to solve your snail problem.

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ummmmm u retard who cares leave them alone when they get older say bye bye 2 them and they will be gone

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

We always used algae eaters fish that scrape the sides of the tank of tropical fish. They are not all that expensive and they wiped out all the snails we accidently got in when we bought live pond plants for the fish tank.
These fish you can replace annually and they clean everywhere. Don't buy catfish. They just brush around the dirt your plant is in.
We liked (sp?)plycostymus for that purpose of getting the snail eggs.

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Tammy Kennedy

If you buy something that won't survive the winter like an algae eater or pleco, you can net it out in the fall and give it to someone who has an aquarium or even resell it back to the place you bought it. They can grow a tremendous amount in one season. Better that than to let it die. they get slower as the water gets colder and are a bit easier to catch.

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