Beautiful short film of 5,000 Monarch Butterflies migrating

seventhmovementNovember 24, 2010

We are two college film makers with a passion for photographing nature. This is a short piece we shot and edited when we went down to Monterrey this weekend. The Monarchs migrate up and down the coast to try and survive the winter. We got a unique opportunity to photograph them off the beaten path. Tourists gather at the park in Pacific Grove to observe the Monarchs over 60 feet away. We were given access to a nook where we could almost reach out and touch them.

We hope that you can take a moment and watch our short film found here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Short Film: Monarch Sanctuary

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terrene(5b MA)

Wow, your film is beautiful. Simply stunning butterflies; the lighting and music are very serene. The photos below are very nice too. Thank you for sharing these! It provided a much needed respite from an otherwise troubled day.

The Monarchs look stunning on the Pines and Eucalyptus. They seem to really like the Eucalyptus trees, which I understand are not native to California and are problematic. What an interesting adaptation though. How lucky you are to have been there! Between your video and Larry's pictures, I would love to visit the California wintering grounds.

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lillydulac(Z9 FL)

this link totally froze my computer up. Do you have it on youtube?

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Seventh Heaven,

Lovely piece of work! You are fortunate in seeing so many Monarchs there. Another place you may want to visit in your travels is further south in Santa Barbara. You can get even closer to nature... :) Best of luck in your future film endeavors.

Note: You may want to share your work with the Pacific Grove Monarch group. They do have a Monarch preservation society. I'm certain they'd be most interested in your film.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pacific Grove Museum

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