CPs in Oklahoma (Zone 6)

morhavocAugust 14, 2006

I took someone's advice and put my VFT and North American pitcher plant in the shade outside and had my neighbor water them while I went on vacation. I was gone about a week, and when I came back, they were shriveled up and brown. I've watered them a little (I know my neighbor watered them, the distilled water I left was all gone when I got back), but I don't have much hope. I guess that's what happens when you grow something outside when it's 100F+ and you've been -literally- months without rain.

So.. I'm going to order a few more VFTs and pitcher plants (dente, typical and red dragon traps, sweet pitcher plant) and I'm going to try putting them in a bright window this time. I've seen some pictures a few posts down of people doing this, so I assume it can be done, right?

Also, anybody have tips for keeping live sphagnum moss alive? I ordered a bit too much, kept it outside and growing well for a while, but same story. Went on vacation, came back, and the weather had done it in.

And, yes, I am determined to grow these plants, hah.

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cactuspaul Tulsa zone7(7a)

Hi, If you live near Tulsa, come on by and see my CP's. I put in my bog last year 16x8 and it is very, very full and beautiful although this time of year as you realize is tough to water. Paul

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Unfortunately, I live all the way in Edmond, quite a ways from Tulsa. I'm sure it is beautiful though! I'd love to have one myself eventually.

Tough question for someone, though: There's still green on the plants I mentioned earlier, the ones all dried out. I'm faced with a dilemma. They're in soil that drains terribly fast, and I am getting soil that will retain water better, and hopefully perk them up. Would it be worth it to repot them in the condition they're in?

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I would sit the pots in dishes so that some of the water is retained and give it a go. The worst that could happen is that they go ahead and kick the bucket. A rule that I follow is that as long as there is some green, there is some hope. I have a pitcher plant that I ordered from an online nursery that someone else would have thrown away long ago. I looked today and there is a new shoot emerging. If the temps are as hot there as they are here in East Texas, the plants may have shut down in sort of a summer dormancy. I've planted plants in my bog that whithered away and was given up for dead only to come back the following year!

Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard Bogs (The Natural Alternative)

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