Is this a normal size?

carnivoorAugust 20, 2008

As I posted here before I have a Sarracenia purpurea hybrid called 'Barbapapa'. The last pitchers that came out look to be a lot bigger than the ones that came before.

It might not look like it but the red leucophylla pitcher next to it is the same distance from the camera as my 'Barbapapa' pitcher.

The lid of the pitcher is 7cm across(I checked that's 2.76 inches)

As you can see because of the rainy weather and little sun most of the latest pitchers came out greenish with little red in them.

I know that few in the US will have this one in their collection but I'd still thought I'd ask.

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It's normal for a small plant to grow large and produce bigger leaves. I'm not that very familiar with this hybrid but what i hear is that it will grow a foot long as the plant reaches flowering age.

By the the way, the trap will evantually become redder in time.

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Wow, that's huge!

Did it lose any new growth recently? When my Monkey Cup lost some pitchers before they could be fully developed, the next one that grew was twice as big as the others.

Could you have repotted it, by any chance? Ditto with my VFT -- after a good repotting and some time to get used to it, it's traps got much bigger.

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It's been growing fine since I got it in May(it was already big - as in many pitchers,apparently they don't lose many pitchers in winter)
It has been pushing out new pitchers from day one but over the last month or so the new pitchers are bigger ,not so much in height as from side to side.
It was repotted when I got it, it came bare rooted but nothing since.
It has been munching on bugs like crazy though, since about 6 weeks or so flies and ants found this one(I'm one floor up) and when I do my daily check I almost always hear the buzzing of flies trying to get out.

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Might be the bugs doing it, each bug is like a juicy little fertilizer pellet, the plant getting a lot of tasty new treats would certainly cause it to grow a bit...

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I'm fairly sure that i do have this hybrid, and the last few pitchers that its made have been some of the biggest (in the ways of girth) that i have. The biggest stands six and a half inches tall, and is an inch and a quarter wide at the widest point.

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If your plant does the same thing as mine ,I guess then it is normal.
How long have you had your plant?

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Since last spring. I bought it at a local nursery labeled simply as "Sarracenia." After alot of research, i concluded it was this plant. I divided it this spring, into four big plants, and the thing went mad since mid-July after a slow start.

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My other Sarr kind of falls open a bit(the pitchers go to all sides) this one however is "clumped" together even though there must be dozens of pitchers. Maybe all the sphagnum in the pot stops the pitchers from opening up.(it's been growing like crazy even though I just put a bit on top of the soil when I planted my sarr.)

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