maybe coolest/most disgusting thing ever (sundew w fly)

markliusAugust 23, 2009

So, I occasionally wil put out on my balcony, where I have many of my CPs, a small piece of bannana. Flies come for bannana, I kill them and feed them to my plants.

so about a half hour ago I killed a HUGE fly and put it onto one of my sundew leaves.

And this fly is big. I'd sat a few millimeters shy of the length of a quarter.

About 10 mins ago, i saw the fly start to move...I wondered if maybe it was still alive.

Then this little bump on its butt started to pulsate.

Turns out that the pulsation was maggots and right now DOZENS of them are coming out of the fly, Some are burroughing back into the fly and some are also landing on the sundew leaves.

I always thought flies laid eggs. Guess I was wrong.

For some reason, the maggots dont seem to be as caught up in the sundew as other stuff. Maybe because they are idea.

Anyway...who needs a TV when CPs make this tuff happen right outside your door?

man, I am glad I keep my CPs outside.

If this was happening in my house, I would be grossed out beyond belief!

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Update -

The maggots spread out over the whole leave and some adjoinig leaves. Looks like the dired up a bit and the sundew tentacles are starting to trap and move on top of them.

The sundew, in addition to the has dozens of other little captures.

Dozens of little snacks!

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My camera phone would be take pictures too fuzzy to really view things so small...

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Flies don give birth to live maggots. The big fly you caught was obviously infested with the larvae of some parasitic wasp. These wasps are tiny and lay their eggs on the living host's body. The larvae hatch, borrow into the skin of the host and basically start eating them alive from the inside, avoiding harming the hosts vital organs as the little larvae develop inside it.

That will evantuall kil the host, the larva pupate and more parasitic wasps are born to continue the cycle.

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Yup and horn worms have the same problem. Freaking gross!

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