Drosera capensis growing tip counterdictions

doowop_6116August 16, 2008

Seem's like alot of conterdiction's i;ve read about ..on here and in other sites ..Some people report that this this is like a weed ..One person reported that they over ran his 55 gallon as a carniverous dandly lion ..He would actualy rip them out of the ground . And they grow bk by the brocen root fragments and broken leaves ..I;ve seen others curse not getting to cut the slower stalk in time ./He hated the seeds scattering in to his other pots ..That is the first point .Second point being this . High humitity and accumulation to reproduce root cuttings ,,and a list of things to be sure of .I;m sure i don;t have to repeat them . Seems counterditory of it being an out of control weed . Can any one shed some light into this grey aria ,,ty and good growing to all .Sincerly Scott

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I find d. Adelae more prolific, Capensis isn't like a weed so much. Adelae is like a weed!

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