Pollinating sarracenia's

carnivoorAugust 23, 2008

Do you guys choose what plant's to cross-breed, or do you let nature do it's thing and hope for a mix of many different plants in the future?

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I choose, but happy accidents are always enjoyable.

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hiddenjungle(zone 6, NY)

I choose, of course i only had 2 S. flavas, lol, i would have tried to cross it with my S. fledgling it had a flower stalk starting but sadly for some reason it died :( it was my favorite. But im happy i successfully hand pollinated and im sure the bugs helped too, my only 2 flowers, so i should have fresh S. flava typical yellow trumpet by fall :)

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I have two sarrs ,a leucophylla hybrid and a purpurea hybrid, but neither of them flowered . I expect some flowers next year though, but if only one plant should flower can I self-pollinate it? Do I need at least two flowers, or can I try to pollinate the flower with it's own pollen(I expect the bugs will do this anyway).

I do have some seedlings though ,some flava seedlings that came up this year and some seedlings from seven different parentplants that were pollinated the natural way. It'll be a surprise in a couple of years to find out what plants they will grow up to be.

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hiddenjungle(zone 6, NY)

carnivoor: you can self pollinate a plant but it is best to have at least 2 flowers to cross. you will be able to self pollinate that one flower but you wont get as many seeds...7 flavas?! are they all the same specie of flava? I only have one that should be large enough to divide next year, hope this helps

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LOL ,no the flava's are seedlings.
The other seedlings came from a mixed batch of seeds I bought from somebody who has a bog and has seven different kinds of sarrs.
Sarracenia flava,
Sarracenia leucophylla,
Sarracenia purpurea,
Sarracenia minor,
Sarracenia oreophila,
Sarracenia psittacina
Sarracenia rubra,
As a result the seedmix might be any of these plants or hybrids.
I'm hoping to get a minor , up until now only five seedlings have shown up but I'll guess there can always grow some more.(It was already July when they came out of the fridge so some of them might have been too far gone to germinate)

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