Is this normal for a Venus flytrap

kkarwanAugust 5, 2014

My Venus flytrap was shipped to me at the beginning of June. it was left in my mailbox rather than my doorstep and overheated, so all of the leaves looked sad and droopy until they died, but new leaves did grow and look healthy and now that 3 of the leaves are "mature" only one is functional, another one opened but won't trap anything, I don't think it has trigger hairs, and the last petiole looks normal but the trap is smaller than some of the new ones developing. I grow it in a western window that gets about 12 hours of light total with about 4 1/2 being direct sunlight.

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Yea looks quite normal to me, just gotta be patient and wait till those leaves are grown to proper size. At this point don't even bother trying to feed it. Just give it water and some sun and air flow so the leaves will keep growing and sprout new leaves

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You're growing it indoors? Big mistake. It looks o.k. now but won't for long if grown indoors.

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cooljjay(Page, AZ)

I just bought one not long ago, I live in the desert and so growing it indoors is my only option. He is doing great, feeding and all....I am keeping him in the top of a larger planter in a dish of pebbles and wicked...nice light and I expect him to do great...I grew other indoors and they did fine, until they died...which I now know, they went dormant.

Your plant, seems to be doing well, keep on doing what you are doing! Soon you'll have traps and flowers :)

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