Here is my attempt at a big garden with Sarracenia

timhensley_gwAugust 16, 2013

I made a trip to Cady's Falls in northern VT back in the spring. I had been toying around in my head about trying a very small bog garden but hadn't worked up the courage yet. While there I was able to speak with one of the ladies who was very knowledgeable about these plants. I purchased a S. flava and S. purpurea. So far both ate putting out multiple new growths and seem to be doing well.

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The title is suppose to read Bog Garden not Big Garden.

Here is a close up of S. purpurea.

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Hey tim, nice pics you got there, how deep is the bog and what did you use for the growing medium. good luck with it..... now you need to throw in a VFT

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I used peat moss and perlite as my medium. I bought a rubber bucket from the feed store and put it a few inches below ground level. I then added a few inches of sand, then the peat moss/perlite mix. I topped it off with some sphagnum moss and then planted. I have a couple of buckets set up to collect rain water.

Hopefully they will survive this winter. They were intriguing in the display gardens at Cady's Falls.

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