Myoporum in zone 10

rhondareneeSeptember 10, 2010

I have a 350 sq. ft. bank that I would like to plant with pink myoporum. It is on the north side of my backyard. I live in zone 10. Does anyone have any comments about myoporum? How far apart should I plant the sprigs? Should I wait until fall to plant? Will it tolerate full sun all day?

Thanks for any suggestions or comments!


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Go for it. I have it on part of my slope about 5x40 feet.
I put in 5 flats about 6-8 inches apart 2.5 years ago and all filled in. On the steeper areas I put a little closer together so would fill in faster.
It gets full sun here at 100+ sometimes and no frost damage either.
I give it 5 minutes of sprinklers twice a week, but it would like a little more.
Also haven't had a problem with weeds either.
My city plants the white everywhere also and haven't noticed any problems.

Here's a pic from last year on the top level.

This year it is now cascading over the retaining wall.

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I have a small 10' x 15' full sun section that I want to use pink myoporum in as a ground cover. What plant or plants can I use for some vertical interest, texture, and color that would not get too big for what is admittedly a small area.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

How about Nandina, that's quite vertical and easy care, with some touches of orange and purple to the foliage and red berries.

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