Can calibrachoa be perennial?

alladrmSeptember 3, 2007

My calibrachoa have pretty much stopped blooming - I'm assuming because of the heat. But once it cools off some, will they come back? How about if they don't freeze this winter - will they bloom next spring? Do they ever reseed?

Or maybe I just need to pull them up and replace with what?

I know, it's several questions but I'm hoping someone will educate me in everything I need to know about these lovely flowers in my zone.

Many thanks.

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Calibrachoa is a tender South American perennial. You could think of it as a tomato plant.

With little stress -- undo summer heat and dryness and extreme winter cold -- it'll peter out much as a true annual.

But with comfortable summers and not-overly-frosty winters, it will continue for more than a year, much as it does in its South American home.

I have friends who've kept Calibrachoas three years. Up until last winter, that is.


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wanda(Z9 CA)

I have a peach one and a white one, both in large containers with other plants and they even went right through last winter. This is their 4th year.
They look ugly in winter, but I just prune them back in spring and fertilize them.
My peach one died about a month ago, but I think I may have overwatered it.

If yours has stopped blooming, you might want to give it some fertilizer. I gave mine MaxSea once or twice a month.


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Thank you Joe and Wanda. I'm going to try to overwinter them. Speaking of which, I have a coleus that survived outside last winter (in spite of three straight days of freezing weather) and this year it's a giant!

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