Filiformis Florida Form

ken2256(5b)August 18, 2013

Anybody growing this Drosera species, i hear their dormancy is very short.thanks

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I've got a few of these. Dormancy will be as long or as short as your growing season, or how you keep them. In Florida their natural dormancy is shorter than say, a VFT, but that's because "winter" in florida is only 2-3 months long in the coldest parts of the state. I'm confused by your question, I guess because they go dormant with the weather, so however you do dormancy where you are will determine how long they will be dormant for. Keep them in the fridge for 2 months, that's how long their dormancy will be, keep them outside and however long your winter is, is how long their dormancy will be. If you are asking if they tolerate a shorter dormancy, the answer is yes, but I'd keep them dormant for at least a good month or two for best growth.

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