rose planting time?

lrambeauFebruary 15, 2008

I've done a search, but no luck. When's the best time to plant a rambling rose here? I'm southeast of Raleigh.

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I wouldn't hestitate to plant it now.

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ashef(coastal NC z8)

This is a good time, just be sure to dig a really big hole and put compost or black kow manure in it.

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jody(7b - NC)

Probably okay where you are. I tend to wait -- depending on the rose.

Is it greenhouse grown??? If so, either protect it until the danger of last freeze has passed, or begin to harden it so you can plant it in a week or two.

If its always been outside, then put it in the ground. Just keep an eye on it if you have a late freeze, as they are notorious for killing the new foliage and starting cankers.

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zcat(7b North Raleigh)

I agree with Jody. If its a bareroot rose, you can plant it now. In fact I plant my little band size roses this time of year, and mulch them well, and they live. Roses really are tough plants.

I included a link from Witherspoon's Rose in Durham on planting instructions. I have followed their advice and had good luck with roses.

Here is a link that might be useful: Witherspoon rose planting advice

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You can plant a rose any time of year, like any woody plant.

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Although Jody is of course right about hardening if off. But either way, dormant or evergreen, once the rose is hardened off it should be OK.

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