ken2256(5b)August 13, 2013

Does anybody know of a CP, other than nepenthes, that is suitable to try in a terrarium for this winter. Almost everything i read talks against doing this for one reason or another.All my pitchers are outdoors along with the others.but i thought it would be fun to have something in the house. that likes terrarium type humidity thanks

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Tropical Sundews or butterworts. That's about it.

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Yea tommy, I was leaning towards the sundews. I have read of a Hybrid between california and Hawaii drosera is a good terrarium one. thanks

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I am so glad to find this thread. I've been wanting a CP terrarium every since I saw one in my favorite professor's home many years ago. It was an aquarium-open top, of course, with a variety of plants.
I owned a VFT about 10 years ago-I kept it in a pot which I placed in a tray of distilled water. Everyone was happy until I made a dire error repotting.....
This time, I had a fish bowl-exactly like the example that "the terrarium guy" had for his VFT. I followed the instructions except I put a layer of marbles on the bottom for some drainage, and used vermiculite instead of perlite.
I expected to lose a few traps from all the handling, and stress, but this isn't a happy plant. It's turning yellowish, the shell pink traps have faded, and even though I have a number of new leaves and traps coming in, once they get mature they seem to fall down-drooping until laying on the moss.
Would it be a good idea to take it out of the bowl and put it into a pot with bottom watering from a tray underneath? I'm concerned about stressing out the poor thing even more. It's been about 3 weeks since I put it in the terrarium.
On the one hand I don't want the plant to get any worse looking, but on the other hand I don't want to harass the poor thing to death. The fish bowl seemed perfect-offering some humidity, but not too much and allowing flies in as well. Maybe it's not the terrarium but something I did....in any case,should I move it out now or wait a while longer?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

From the heart of the city

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This is a sore subject for me but I'll try to be calm, VFTs and Sarracenias and temperate Sundews and Butterworts are NOT terrarium plants and belong OUTSIDE. They HAVE to go through a dormancy period every fall/winter for at least 3 months. If your area gets below 35 in fall/winter outdoors then you need to find a place that stays between 35 and 40 for the winter. Mine go in the fridge.

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Hey Shawna, what does your soil mix consist of ?? are you using peat or sand or something else.my flytraps do well with with a mix of canadian peat and coarse sand, even though for me coarse sand is hard to get here, unless you want to sift out the garbage.

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