Nepenthes sanguinea

carnivorousplantsAugust 23, 2007


my uncle just bought me a HUGE nepenthes sanguinea from a garden center.

Most of it's pitchers are about 9" tall!!

I just wanted to know how much sun to give it.

If you are interested in trading....

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They do fine at a window sill, but will need supplemental lighting for the fall ->spring. Can you put a fluorescent light over it?

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Sounds like a nice Nepenthes. At that size, it is an adult plant. 9" is the maximum size it's pitchers get. N. sanguinea is tolerant of a wide range of lighting, however; really prefers a good bright spot with only slight shading, like in a well lit window or under a 12000 lumen florescent light 5 inches from the leaves. If you have a window that gets morning sun for a 4 or so hours and good bright indirect sun the rest of the day it should be fine. In it's native habitat it has been found growing under slight shading from trees and even in full sun on the side of mountains.

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Anybody have a medium-sized Nepenthes inermis x ventricosa or
Nepenthes maxima x ventricosa?
I can't afford that $40.00 one at

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I really want one!

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if i ever get one (and at the rate im collecting i'l have one by this summer), i will let you know.maybe we could trade. post some pics of that sanguinea and keep me posted of other neps you dont have. i know i want n. ventrata, a healthy n. ventricosa, n.caesar, n. truncata, n. merriliana, n. talengensis, n. rafflesiana, n. williamsii.

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