Nepenthes Ventricosa black pitchers

brianswimmyAugust 29, 2010

Hi, I just bought a nepenthes ventricosa. I give it good humidity and a put it under a 40 watt flourscent bulb. I noticed one pitcher turned black, but i thought it was normal. Now another pitcher is starting to turn black at the rim. I hope that the newly opened pitcher doesnt turn black. Can anyone help me?

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

How do you "give it good humidity" in CA?

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well i put it in this big terrarium and spray mist it, it feels humid too

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

You're going to cause fungus and mold problems misting it in a terrarium. If you have a tight fitting lid it's already at 90-100% which is actually too much without some air movement.

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marlene_9ca(9 CA)

I am in SF and purchased 2 of these healthy plants from Home Depot in Colma for $7.95 each. I hang mine outdoors under an awning where it gets a lot of fresh air, light, and some shade. On a sunny day, I would be sure to spray the plant all around. On cloudy days, I would leave the plant alone. It is doing very well since my purchase at the end of August. There are lots of flies, spiders, fruit flies that likes to fly around them and get caught in those large pitchers. The largest pitchers on the plant is 4 1/4 - 5" tall. I also having a lot of new pitchers developing.

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You live in the SF area? Have you tried taking a trip to Sebastopol, California to visit Peter D'Amatos's carnivorous plant nursery California Carnivores? Peter D'Amato is the author of the well know book Savage Garden and is the owner of the CP nursery.

From where you live it shouldn't a trip well worth it if I lived in SF. You can take the 101 Redwood Highway heading north all the way to Cotati, making a left there to 116 Gravenstein, heading west to Sebastopol on. Just keeping an eye for "Old Gravenstein" on your right.

You'll have fun there and maybe find Mr D'Amato working their, he will give you good advice.

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