My aloe hybrid collection

succulentfanJune 2, 2010

Well after 2 years of hunting and collecting aloe hybrids the fire is still very much alive. I was off today and took a few new pictures including all my Kelly Griffin aloes plus my new Karen Zimmerman aloes and a lone Dick Wright aloe. Now that I have shown mine lets see yours :)

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Only one I have is KG14, I put two in the raised bed a couple of years ago to get some size on them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Your link

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How big did they get in the ground? Got any pictures?

Thanks for the hyperlink. I thought it would do it automatically and when it didn't I couldn't find and edit button.

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The collection is looking great, Billy. Good to see those pups have been growing out nicely. Do you keep them in a greenhouse?

I sent my ISI in April and it must have been lost--so far nothing. Karen's hybrids are real nice ones.

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Thanks Tom! No greenhouse yet, they seem to really like my tropical climate. I have them on my back patio where they get full sun from sunrise till around 3pm.

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Can Aloe hybrids cross-breed? From what I have seen on the net its doesn't seem possible. Thanks for the links.

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