Garden Surprise

butterflymomok(7a NE OK)November 10, 2012

Hello all,

Feeling better this year than I have in quite a few years has allowed me to really clean out the garden beds. And today I hit the jackpot! I found an Aristolochia tomentosa seedpod that had gone unnoticed before the leaves were shed. It's huge and is beginning to pop open. It was buried inside the plant so as to be totally hidden. I haven't counted the seeds yet.

This year has been a good seed-producing year. Maybe the stress of the hot, dry summer caused the plants to produce seeds in case they didn't make it. I had lots and lots of A clematitis seeds. I'd share these seeds, however, I've learned they are almost impossible to germinate. If you want to give them a try, let me know. I left most in the garden, but I can collect some to send. Be prepared to give the seeds two periods of stratification with a month of warmth in between.

Hope this finds all well and enjoying the season.


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I have all the A. tomentosa I need already, so I don't want any seeds for myself, Sandy, but I have to congratulate you on getting a seed pod! As many flowers as mine have made over the years, they've NEVER made one! :/


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OOOOOH, I would LOVE some A. tormentosa seed. I just got some A. serpentaria from Rod and am looking forward to seeing how that works. Let me know how to send a SASE to you.

I am glad you are feeling better too. There is nothing like tending to the garden for the spirits.

I am looking at foodt surgery this winter. Soooo not looking forward to that. Well, maybe a little. It will be nice to have to sit still for a while. I am planning it so I can get out in the spring. Wish me luck as you know what they say about best laid plans.

Take care,

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butterflymomok(7a NE OK)


Send me an email at butterflymombixby at y____hoo dot com. Did Rod post again this year? I didn't see it--but I could have been gone.

When you have your surgery, just do everything you are told. And if you are given exercises, be sure to be diligent. I had knee replacement last December 12. I have done fantastic, but it was hard at first. Expect lots of pain, but it will go away with time. I will keep you in my thoughts.


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Ooh, congrats, Sandy, on your seedpod! I have collected 2 of my A. physcarpa seed pods that are ripe, and 2 that are not, altho all had split at the seams. What's up with that?

I saw the most perfect Dogface Sulphur butterfly on the Zinnias 2 days ago. It was gorgeous! Wish I had gotten a pic, but I was on my way out the door to do some errands and did not want to go back inside and get the camera. I don't expect to see any more til next spring now.

The worst thing I have coming up is getting a large molar pulled in the back of my mouth - yuck! I think I'd rather have the foot surgery. I just hate dentistry! I'm having an oral surgeon do it because I am such a pansy about having work done on my teeth.........(grimace).


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Susan, I had my wisdom teeth out at age 27. I was a big wimp and finally had to have them out when they kept getting infected. They had only partially emerged. People kept telling me horror stories. So, I went to an oral surgeon. It was wonderful. All I remember was counting backwards from ten. I think I got to seven. Then I remember them saying "Bite Down" (on cotton wadding) and it was over. Pain meds made me sleepy, so I slept through most of what little pain there was. So all in all my experience was very good. You made a good choice to go with an oral surgeon.

I wanted to see a Southern Dogface sooo bad this year. I missed them. Maybe next year. They are tops on my list to see.


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