racoons in the garden!

jen1262September 30, 2013

Would anyone have recommendations on deterring racoons from our garden/backyard? They've dug up half of the grass and there are bunches of dug out holes in the gardens. It's a local problem, but seems worse lately. We can't use electrical fences, as I have young kids. We tried trapping/releasing them through animal control a few years ago, but it got too expensive (we stopped at 5). Has anyone used chemical repellents? Thanks for any advice!

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I have read that they do not like mint, squash, cucumbers or roses. Pick a couple of these raccoon deterring plants that will work with your garden. Wow, kids love to watch squash grow (pumpkins, funky gourds). I have not tried this myself, except for mint to keep rats away and that worked extremely well for me. Good luck. They are cute, but really pesky ! I understand that you really want them gone, but I would think that chemical solutions are not at all good for your young children either, not to mention our planet !

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We have had problems with them getting into our fish pond over the years. Our yard is walled, but they climb up bushes and come over the wall. This summer we added a small wire fence to the wall to make it taller and harder to get over. We got it at Home Depot, and I don't know how DH attached it but it stays in place and as far as I know we haven't had any raccoons in the pond this summer. Cute, but worse than pesky. They can really hurt a dog. I faced one on the driveway one morning at 5:30, and he just stood there and looked at me.

Don't know about the powders, etc. but if you look on Amazon and see that blinking red light device, don't bother. I tried it and saw a raccoon looking at it from about 12".

I know how annoying it is. They nearly dug up the sprinkler system one summer. Good luck.

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Try and get rid of the grubs. That is what they are after. There is a product by Bayer called grub control. I can definately sympathize with you.
I have fought coons for years by putting out Sevin and other chemicals and even buying and returning the electronic devices. Grub control is to last a year...says the label.
I applied it twice recently and so far no coons.Apply it in late summer or very early fall thats when the grubs are the worst...says the label.

Whatever you do, don't make them mad by spraying the hose or something on them. They come back and chew up your furniture and or electrical cords.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I spray them with the hose. The "Scarecrow" motion detecting sprinkler will work on small areas. A large dog helps. Otherwise, I think we are at their mercy.

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Could be worse,they could be skunks,who not only tear up your lawn but leave that nasty odor.We thought we had gotten rid of them,then a couple nights ago I smelled them again.

Yesterday a friend was over and we were talking about critters and I told him about the skunks,he said I think maybe your problem may be over as there is a dead skunk laying in the road down the street from our house.Dh and I went out to look and sure enough there he was,and a big one at that.

He stayed there all day yesterday,but today was our street sweeping day so I hope they picked him up.

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See other post!

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A better fence is the only answer. They cant climb a smooth vertical fence..and chop away any bushes that they might use Tarzan like to climb. They also wont burrow under a good fence. It stops them.
Try those rolls of bamboo in front of what fence you have.

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gregbradley(Upland, CA USDA 9b Sunset 19)

I've had a litter of skunks under my shed almost every year. They eat every snail they can find. They will get worms and grubs out of the mulch under my fruit trees. I've never had them dig in the lawn but sometimes they will dig in some flower beds and cause a tiny bit of trouble. NO SMELL at all.

The downside is that their natural defense behavior doesn't work with cars and if they get hit, they stink up the entire neighborhood. Also, dogs tend to be really stupid and then they get sprayed stinking up the entire neighborhood. IF they spray, it is horrible.

I have one friend where a skunk does dig up his grass so his experience is different than mine.

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