Nepenthes Coco Fiber Question

crazirob22August 1, 2007

Hi. I just bought this great looking basket for my Nepenthes Truncata. It is one of those coco fiber lined baskets. Looks like this:

Is there anything wrong with growing it in there? I don't know if it would give off something bad like nutrients or.. I don't know. I just thought it would be great to hold in a little extra moisture around the sides and bottom, ya know? Any information is greatly appreciated.

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They're fine for Neps. In my experience they actually dry the mix out faster than plastic. The sides of plastic pots act as a barrier to evaporation. Fibre lined baskets allow for evaporation across their entire surface area.

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Didn't think of that. Thanks for the info.

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Yeah, just make sure you keep the soil moist all the time. Nepenthes don't like to be dry either, so too much evaporation would be bad as well. It is a balancing act with these plants. Mostly it is standing, stagnant water in trays that Nepenthes hate.

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