Kyoho grape

Real LIfe Garden SolutionsSeptember 14, 2009

I had an amazing grape from the local Korean grocery yesterday, and from the look and sound of it, it may have been a Kyoho grape. Anyone out there grow this? And anyone is PNW know if it would safely grow here? I was hoping for a PNW forum, but if any of you in the northern state can answer this, I'd love you forever! I live in Vancouver BC, similar weather (bit cooler) to SF area.



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Kyoto grapes were developed in a part of Japan that latitudinally is parallel to Northern California but with a climate similar to our Atlantic Coast. It's a cross between the Mediterranean grape (Vitis vinifera) and our Eastern fox grape (Vitis lambrusca).

There you are.


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Real LIfe Garden Solutions

Joe, "boiseau" in Fruits and Orchards, just suggested I try growing from seed since they're "tetraploid" and should just about reproduce the parent plant. So I've just eaten the rest of the grapes I brought home yesterday, and saved all the seeds. Who knows... Cheaper than looking for the stock/cuttings, and if they fail... it was all a learning experience!


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CA Kate

Have you tried googling the name for growers?

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Kyoho grapes are interspecific hybrids and do not produce "true" from seed. "Tetraploid" or not.

Your "learning experience" will be a long and expensive one, considering time to first fruit from seed and your labor involved.

Buy bareroot plants this winter.


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Real LIfe Garden Solutions

Thanks Joe. I'm trying valiantly to find bareroot Kyoho, and now I'm wondering if it's totally the wrong kind of grape for my climate-- as you implied... Still working on it.


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I know I have purchased them at our local farmer's market; I'll check and see where that grower is located. They are delicious! They are so much like Concords.

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Hi Janet,

I have this Kyoho grape grown in my back yard for two years. I lived in Suoth SF bay area (San Jose). If you still interested, let me know.

- Michael

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Real LIfe Garden Solutions

Thanks for the reply Michael. Funny hearing back after three years!

I eventually bought a seedless concord-like grape (name escapes me but begins with C) that Fall (Sept 09) that is making fruits for the first time this year. We've had MISERABLE weather so far (14C and rainy today, but hopes for dry and warm later this week) so whether of not they will produce eating grapes remains to be seen...

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Kyoho was bred from Campbells Early in Japan. I had 7 of them, but production was so sporadic, and I had so many far superior Labrusca grapes that I ripped them out. Jupiter, Venus, Glenora (all seedless), Steuben, and Price have been superior to Kyoho in every way in my vineyard. Bay Laurel Nursery ships Kyoho. Rollingriver Nursery and Raintree Nursery ship the others. Maybe you have Canadice, Janet, which is a decent tough little grape, whose tight clusters might be somewhat problematic in the humid PNW.

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I have also been looking for a kyopo grape plant for some time.

Michael - I also live in San Jose, is it possible for me to get a piece of the plant from you? I would really like to see if I can grow it in my backyard.

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Michael, I'm in Sunnyvale, I would also love to get a shoot from you if possible. Thanks.

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If anyone managed to get a Kyoho grape vine, I would love a couple of cuttings. I tasted them at a farm tour in Ontario, but couldn't bring cuttings across the border.


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