Butterfly box

kiffin87(Orlando FL)November 18, 2013

I am moving house and have a butterfly box I would be happy to pass on if someone can use it. It's approx 2ft square with wood on the top and bottom and screen sides/door. My husband made it a few years ago. It's not pristine but works perfectly well. I'm in Windermere near Orlando Fl if someone wants to come and pick it up.

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How did butterflies use this box over the years, or was it mainly a decorative garden item?

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Funny...mine has a MOUSE in it!!

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Monarch-Ma-so.cal(10 Southern CA.)

Sounds useful to me, nice of you to offer it Kiffin. The cats can be reared in it. It has a door.

My cats are all over the place as I have no containment box in the house-it's a nightmare, truthfully. :(

No happier sight on earth to me now then to see a cat making it's SILK PAD!! One less mouth to feed.

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You may be correct, there could be confusion with the above item and the so-called "Butterfly Houses", intended for adult butterflies.

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kiffin87(Orlando FL)

Sorry - I didn't realise people had replied - I used to get emails with responses! To clear up the confusion the box is for putting cats in with their food so they can munch away safely and then do their chrysallis thing and hatch out. And then the butterflies can be released.
It has screen sides which makes it easy to view whatever is going on.
Hope someone can use it.

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Butterfly houses are intended for hibernating adult butterflies, such as the Mourning Cloak. Usually, you get other unintended hibernators, such as Ladybird beetles.

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