Repotting Carnivorou s plants: Now or later?

legless_marineAugust 13, 2006

I've just received some C. Plants that I ordered off of the web. There is a variety of different kinds, and they are all young, in 2" squared seedling pots.

I want to pot them into bigger pots with a proper soil mixture, but they seem a bit travel-stressed right now, and I'd like to wait a few weeks. In addition, I've read that this should only be done in the spring.

Should I repot them now, wait a few weeks, or wait until next spring?

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What plants did you receive? Yes, they are in shipping shock and they should be kept a little more moist and a little less lit for a few days. You Can Repot them now, but of you do, it would best to remove the entire contents from the pot as one unit, so as to minimize root disturbance. But it's really not necessary to re-pot right now, since overcrowding isn't likely to ba an issue and they could really use stability of conditions. The reason why spring recommended is because it assumes that the plants you have are ones that require a dormancy period and they are already asleep (VFT's, Sarracenias, cobra lily). You CAN re-pot at any time, but care ought be taken to avoid disturbing roots.

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