venis fly trap dormancy

michael1846(6)August 30, 2013

How do I put a venis flytrap into dormancy can I put it in the garage won't it freeze and can I have 1 flytrap dormant in summer and 1 in winter so I can have a live one year round please help

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When the temps start getting down to the low 40's you can put it somewhere where it won't freeze. A basement, unheated garage. If you're growing them inside don't, these are not indoor plants.

Mine go in zip lock bags then into the bottom of the fridge.

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Trying to force a VFT to grow during the winter after it's queued it's time to go into dormancy will kill the plant if not weaken the plant that it later dies.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

i live in s. florida so reverse cycled VFT by growing from seed in the winter. Then put them in thfridge during summer . Wife decided the crisper should contain salad stuff not VFT so just grew them from seed for as long as possible Don't keep them anymore but as I recall had some last 18 months !! gary

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