Truly unbelievable!!!!

tiffy_z5_6_can(5/6)November 13, 2010

It's 2:30 pm and I'm out starting to clean things in the yard for the inevitable season coming at us. Beautiful day and I start procrastinating and walking about the gardens with my dog when something catches my eye - a MONARCH! It's a female with not a blemish which comes to rest on fallen leaves and warm gravel in the sunshine. It's 14C which is unusually warm for November 13th, but still - November 13th!!! WOW! Just amazing! I should check and make sure I'm not in Kansas and still in Canada... :O)

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I went out this morning to feed my finches and there were several small yellow butterflies. I couldn't believe it. we have been having temps in lower 30's -20. We have had 3 light frost and 2 hard freezes couldn't believe it that butterflies were still coming around. I have mums. roses,salvia,2 dianathus,a newly planted flower in bloom there's not much for poor butterfly.

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