How do you get cacti to bloom?

wiley1983(6b)June 18, 2013

How in the heck can i get my cacti to bloom?? I never had any that did?? Someone told me that you have to cause them stress, is this true?? Or aa load of crap???

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Cactus is a large plant family. Do you have a jungle cactus or a desert plant. Is it columnar, round or maybe a Euphorbia? A picture would save a lot of guessing.

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In general, the concept of stressing plants to encourage blooming is indeed a load of crap.

If a cactus is mature (this varies but many cactus species bloom at small sizes), it should bloom every year. Requirements include:

- adequate light (real sunshine or good artificial lighting, not a windowsill)
- adequate moisture usually beginning in the spring (for most species to set buds) or for some species fall watering will trigger bud development overwinter or early spring)
- warmth in the day, preferably with a cool down at night. This is very difficult to do indoors where most homes have a pretty stable temperature day and night
- healthy roots
- in addition, many South American species need a period of cold, close to freezing, temperatures to initiate good flower production.

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And maybe the type of cacti you have don't flower until they are very large/old. More info would help us help you.

Since I've been giving mine bloom fertilizer I've been getting more and larger flowers. I have been using Tiger Bloom. Most of my cacti are South Americans or their hybrids.

They overwinter in my sunroom where it can get down to the 40s. The light is not great, but they aren't watered very much because I'm not expecting them to grow. In the summer they live outside where they get much more sunshine and where the temps can fluctuate as much as 40 degrees between day and night--they love it!

I get a lot more flowers in the late summer than in the spring. I think it's because of more sun, water, fresh air and fertilizer.

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