Please, who sent me this package?

meyermike_1micha(5)June 18, 2013

Yes, I do have a real name on this package and address, and really appreciate it, but I wish I knew the screen name of who sent me this really unexpected surprise!

A most beautiful spiraling Aloe and a couple of other cuties.

Thank you and you will hear from me in some way:-)


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wow spiraling Aloe. Thats a really cool looking aloe. They mustve been really nice, maybe you helped someone out on this forum?

Id love to receive something like that :p

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Mike, I didn't do it - but I probably should have. After all your kind help over the weekend, a surprise like that would have been really nice...

I think though that you must have a Secret Admirer. :)

Are you sure it's from this forum?

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Sorry--it was me--that's the Tiger aloe I promised you way back in fall :-)

I should have put a note in the box, but I did put a message on the board for you. I was just so happy to get the box out that it didn't occur to me to add a note.

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Well, thank you!!!

You were so sweet or thoughtful to remember! I have been procrastinating about sending mail too. I am tired all the time with this work schedule and all.

But I couldn't go without thank you and asking if you would like postage or money in return, or even a future cutting, please get back to me in my e-mail.

They are doing wonderful and I will take pics soon:-)


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Couldn't find your email address, but you are very welcome. No need to worry about repaying me in any way. I'd rather give plants to a good home rather than friends or work mates that will just kill them :-)

And I really don't have room for anymore plants (that's why you got a few bonus babies).

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