GST emerged at bad time - Help!

shannon74November 11, 2012

Hi there

Well here it is rainy and chilly, almost Thanksgiving and another silly GST decided to emerge. Weather the next two days is 60 but overnight down to 40 and 36. Should I let it do or keep it in? have never tried to hand feed one of these before. Thanks!

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Is he or she outside? If so, you'll know when to release it when it starts fluttering its wings and looks like it wants to leave. I just released a buckeye the other day. It emerged late one day, it was fairly cold (50 degrees?) that night, but it warmed up into the 70's the next day, and it wanted to go. I've tried repeatedly, but never have been able to get a butterfly to feed in captivity, so don't be disappointed if that doesn't work out. You can't keep the swallowtail in a cage for too many days, so you need to put it outside, even if you have to get it on your finger and take it out and put it on the twig of a tree or bush yourself.
I don't know where you're keeping your chrysalides, but outside works best. They seem to emerge at the right time outside better than in, even if you keep them in an unheated room.


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Thanks Sherry! I was hoping you would respond! She is outside, where I keep all my "babies". Not moving around now, but it is almost dark. Tomorrow is 62 and sunny so it should be fine, but will it be ok when it goes down to 36? If so, I will release in the morning. Thanks!

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