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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)September 19, 2012


Just couldn't help myself

Had to repost this

Here's the question asked

"I just received my first Nepenthes Ventrata plant (photo's below) and the pitchers have no fluid in them. What can I do so they don't get all dried out?"


Here's one of the replies

fill them 1/4" of distilled water, no minerals, and be sure to empty them a couple times a week and refill. They only partially digest insects they capture (and a healthy pitcher captures a good deal!), thus they need to be empty of the contents and refreshed. This process helps in the plants "digestion"

Mind Blowing Isn't It

I would LOL but it's not funny

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Well in all fairness, people get conflicting instructions all the time and it's up to them to search and find the real answers. Like everything else in life.

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)

I know I kind of jumped the gun & went off on the poster
Although I really didn't mean to
Did PM them + publicly apologized in the form for doing so

Found out that that's what they were told to do by the person who they got their plant form / God knows why ??? (which was wrongly IDed / Sold to them as)

But Honestly You Have To Admit that "be sure to empty them (the pitcher) a couple times a week" & refill them with Water

Was Just Trying To Save Some Plamts / Neps if I could


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It made me laugh. Filled them with water, fill them with insect then empty them out. Loss of nutrients for the plants. I wonder if the the person who gave that silly instruction ever thought who empties the traps in the wild?

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I find the "bad" information going around about carnivorous plants to be some of the worst out there. It's hard to understand why common sense wouldn't prevail, or someone wouldn't think to ask, "but why?"

Seriously, a lot of new growers come here 1st for information/help about their first, new, carnivore. This is a problem in the fact that there really aren't many experienced growers here to help, most of us/them are at other forums. So we've not noobs giving advice to noobs for the most part. What can you do but jump in when you can and correct people.

I rarely come here or post much (had another username years ago,) but clearly you three (dethcheez, tommyr, and hunterkiller03) are some of the very few knowledgeable growers that still come here, and have been growing for years. You put up with some of the worst posts I've ever seen from either children or adults who cannot possibly fathom how to "google" an answer to the most basic of questions. I don't know how you do it without a lot of smacking your heads against a wall!?!?! You have 1000x more patience than I. Please continue to stick around, you're clearly needed. Thanks for reading guys...carry on!

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Thanks for your comments. Actually my patience level is really low. If I am too aggravated at a post I will just not answer it. I find that's the best way to deal with things sometimes.

I SO wish people would use Google more to search for answers and READ a lot of the links. There is a TON of info out there if people would just take the little time to LOOK. I don't mind helping people at all but some of the questions are SO BASIC that the answers are out there to be easily found.

I welcome ALL newcomers here of coarse! BUT, please do some googling FIRST if you have questions, you can (MOST of the time) find your answer there.

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Agreed. This may be the least intimidating forum for CPs out there, so you get a lot of people who have the "I can't internet, how did I even get here?" problem. Without a sidebar that you could list FAQs or being able to "sticky" a post at the top asking people to do a basic websearch 1st (seems like common sense, but apparently people need to be asked to do something for themselves,) you all are doomed to perpetually repeat yourself. Or maybe just start giving people the old "Here Let Me Google That For You," page for their really basic questions? Ie. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=tropical+pitcher+plant+care

Heh heh...love that site, but then again I'm not the most tolerant person ever.

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Unless someone has just came out of a cave in Afghanistan they KNOW ABOUT GOOGLE. Some people are just too lazy and want immediate answers.

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)

I don't mind helping people out if I can
I know I've asked my share of questions

My main concern was that, that info was given to someone who was looking for help & the fear that someone who was doing their research & trying to look up info would read it & think they needed to empty out the pitcher a couple times a week & refill them with water

I've been growing Neps for around 10 years now & I have to say that, that has to be hands down the dumbest advice I've ever heard by far

And here's an other good one   
Ran across this ad on Craigslist 

\*Stapelia Variegata "Actually Gigantea & Not Variegata", rare Carnivorous succulent import from South Africa. Plant looks like dusted jagged mountain peeks, then the huge star shaped paper sheer flowers emerge, and eat flies, and other insects! Natural pest control 

Yeah / LOL 
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